Friday, 25 March 2011

The Morning Harbours Silences

There is something deeply evocative about those very first moments of each day, those first few minutes when the sun begins to rise, begins to colour the deep blue morning sky. With the clocks set to spring forward this weekend I have found myself enjoying slower and slower starts, taking the time to leaf through others peoples words and pictures before beginning to write my own. One image that particularly caught my attention was a piece of artwork called Jetty, by Tom Harris. I have worked with Tom before on previous projects and often cast an eye over his work in the hope of catching sight of something new. Jetty is not a new piece but I think, placed in the context of that morning, it was just the thing to set my thoughts spinning...

...and so finally, I’ll curtail my ramblings and come to the point of this blog: my poem ‘The Morning Harbours Silences’, inspired by Tom Harris’ artwork ‘Jetty’:

Jetty, by Tom Harris

The Morning Harbours Silences

The morning harbours silences cracked as bark
and so dawn's gristled talons depart.

Shell and splinters,
a massacre upon the marsh as if puddles of rust yet still
they lift, the clouds, those shadows that veil our sun,
miraculous as footsteps each drawn against the last...

...trussed, we gasp,
mouths halos within the dark.

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